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Qianlin is one of leading Paper Box manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can provide cardboard paper box, corrugated paper box and Paper Tray with low MOQ and best quality.

Paper boxes are commonly used for food packaging due to their many benefits. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable and can be recycled easily, making them a popular choice for consumers who are environmentally conscious.

When it comes to food packaging, paper boxes offer excellent insulation properties, providing a good barrier against heat and moisture. This makes them ideal for packaging food items that need to stay fresh, such as baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and other similar products.

In addition to being practical and functional, paper boxes also have a great visual appeal which is perfect for creating a strong brand image. They can be custom printed with your logo, branding, and other graphics to make your product stand out on the shelf.

Paper boxes come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different products and items. They can be customized with printed graphics, brand logos, and other design elements to create a professional and eye-catching look.

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