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Qianlin is one of the professional China Single Wall Paper Cup manufacturers and China Single Wall Paper Cup factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. We mainly deal in making a series of Single Wall Paper Cup and so on. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.

Single wall paper cups are commonly used for serving hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. They come in various sizes to accommodate different portion sizes, and they can be customized with branding and logos to promote business identity.

However, it's important to note that single wall paper cups may not provide as much insulation as double wall paper cups or other types of cups, which can cause them to become too hot to hold when serving hot beverages. This can be addressed by using a sleeve or wrap around the cup to provide extra insulation and protect the hand from heat.

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